NYC's premier artist showcase & open mic jam


Founded by award-winning Host, Marcos Luis, OneMicNite™ has become a cornerstone within the heart of the New York City's performance art culture. As an Artist who has a knack for assembling the most explosive and dynamic shows, Marcos is a creative force equally powerful and unassuming, and the vibrant, down to earth energy at OneMicNite is proof.

With a combination of amateurs, Grammy Award-winning veterans, and international performers, OneMicNite's featured acts showcase New York City's best up-and-coming artists of music, poetry, and performance art. With hundreds of Shows, OneMicNite has been responsible for jumpstarting the careers of numerous popular Indie solo artists and bands in NYC, giving artists exposure with live recording, and live artist interviews on OneMicNiteTv.

Since it's beginnings in 2006, OneMicNite made a commitment to give back to the local community through contributions to A Drive For Life, Speaking In Rhythms, Womens Prison Association, The AIDS Walk NYC, and The Breast Cancer Walk. At OneMicNite, we bring together artists to perform, raise money, and donate their talent for a cause.

Currently, we are held at Cheryl's Global Soul restaurant in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn--the food and drinks are fantastic! We have a small backline amplifier and PA system. Our house band, Ruckus, can back you up, if you like. #LiveSeries

Come join us for the best 'Nite' around!


Tuesday evenings, 7pm at:

Cheryl's Global Soul

236 Underhill Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11238